Copyright © 1997,98,99.2000.-2011 FFLYNET ALL RIGHTS RESERVED  I have been in business for over 40 years. I can help with your appliance and electronic needs. WE SELL PARTS FOR MOST MAJOR BRANDS.   If You Need a part E-Mail Me at the link to the left, with the Model and serial number, brand name and a brief description of the part or part number, I will E-Mail you back with cost .You will have to give me Your Address for shipping  prices. WE ALSO REPAIR AND SELL PARTS FOR HOME ELECTRONICS (VCR'S,TELEVISIONS,RECEIVERS,AMPS,TUNERS,CAR AUDIO,FAX MACHINES Same as above for Electronics Parts.   PHONE # (772)577-0892   CUSTOM WEB PAGES, DOMAIN NAMES, SERVER SPACE. as low as $75.00 a year CUSTOM BUSINESS LOGO'S Small Business/Home Business Networking (SOHO) SDSL,IDSL